The year was 1987. A beautiful baby girl was born to a rocket scientist who came from a family of Ayurvedic doctors. Her doting parents found that their baby girl’s skin was reacting badly to the standard baby skin care products in the market. Dr. Lingam and his wife searched for something gentler, safer, and non-irritating in the stores and pharmacies but to no avail. Of course, Dr. Lingam was not discouraged. Not only did he come from an illustrious line of Ayurvedic specialists, he was also part of an esteemed group of scientists, physicians and research chemists. Dr. Lingam sought the help of his friend, Brian Jegasothy, MD who was a part of this inner circle (and formerly Chairman, Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh, USA). A research team headed by Dr. Jegasothy was soon formed to fulfill the quest for a skin care product that was non-irritating, non-inflammatory and gentle on a baby girl’s infant skin. This research team had a combined experience of over 200 years and consisted of accomplished dermatologists, scientists and physicians.

Dr. Lingam, Dr. Jegasothy and their team had a vision to develop an irritant free skin care line that would tap into Mother Nature’s own healing power to keep the skin safe, soft and radiant. This team, guided by Dr. Jegasothy’s scientific research knew something that most skin care lines did not seem to know or care about. Dr. Jegasothy had discovered the relationship between continuous inflammation, disease and aging.

They found that with respect to the skincare products available in the marketplace, most of the benefit was psychological while causing severe physiological damage which could later show up in the form of deadly diseases. This discovery greatly alarmed Dr. Lingam and his team of scientists. The team was then inspired to form Hylunia Skin Care in 1988 to enable people of all ages and skin types to protect, preserve and pamper their skin with powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and plant peptides.


Dr. Lingam got involved in skin care after finding out about the toxic chemicals in his baby’s skin care products. Dr. Lingam was born into multiple generations of Ayurvedic family physicians in Sri Lanka and educated in England in Chemical Engineering and worked in pharmaceutical and synthetic (rocket)
fuels before entering into the anti aging – wellness field twenty-five years ago. Since 1988, he has combined the wisdom of the East with the science of the West to provide true and practical result-oriented, age-defying programs, therapies, and toxins free formulations. These programs and therapies encompass yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, mantra, energy work, Ayurvedic Aromacology, chakra balancing, anti-aging treatments and programs, detox programs (intense Panchakama), weight management, natural skin care, nutritional products, aesthetic treatments and happiness.

Dr. Lingam has conducted research for 15 years with Brian Jegasothy, MD, formally chairman of the Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburg, on anti-aging and inflammatory ingredients. He has also researched and worked with nutritional experts, Yogis and Ayurvedic physicians in India, anti-aging physicians and scientists, plastic surgeons, physicians and Naturopathic physicians to develop age-defying programs and therapies.

His research with Dr. Brian Jegasothy lead to the development of formulations that are natural and free of inflammatory and potentially carcinogenic ingredients which are linked to aging, diseases and cancer. His experience of growing up in yoga and in an Ayurvedic physician family as well as his knowledge of inflammatory and carcinogenic ingredients and the implication of stress, convinced him to incorporate the best of the modern science with the modalities of the East to boost the immune system performance and to live healthy and happy.

Dr. Lingam shares his scientific research of the 5000-year-old Yoga-Ayurveda-Siddha medicine and experience through Yoga, Ayurveda and Anti-Aging seminars and workshops around the world. He lives in Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Dr. Lingam on Gratitude

Our founder, Dr. Lingam, knows the real science behind it and speaks from personal experience about the benefits of being grateful. In his words, “The science of gratitude is very simple. Gratitude is an emotion that connects you to the rest of the universe and harmonizes your inner and outer worlds. It removes mental conflicts that bog you down and help you be at peace with yourself, the world and all your life circumstances. From that space arises a kind of joy and happiness which guides the body to produce those happiness hormones that tell your cells to be happy and healthy.”

 Dr. Lingam on his upbeat attitude

We caught up with Dr. Lingam recently and asked him what keeps him going and how he manages to stay so positive and upbeat all the time.

Dr. Lingam says its all about the mind!

“Everything goes back to the mind. And what happened to you during your childhood. Those childhood impressions, memories, situations and circumstances matter. All that childhood conditioning matters. You must find those things that trouble you and get rid of those things. If you cannot let go of the past, there cannot be a different future.

Also, books and video tapes can only help you so much. The final and decisive battle must be fought by you. Whatever monsters you have in your mind, you must go in and face them. But the most important thing is to train your mind to convert every negative into a positive. No matter what the situation or the circumstance. You must be aware of what your mind is thinking all the time and never, never, never allow it to think negative thoughts. The minute you encounter a negative thought, turn it towards a positive thought.

Tell your mind that whatever is happening, it’s happening for the good. Tell your mind that it is a blessing in disguise. Tell your mind that the best is yet to come. Tell your mind that it could have been a lot worse. Through gradual, repeated practice over time, your mind can become completely positive. You can create a positive happy universe for yourself in which only good things can happen to you. And, through this disciplined practice of positive relief, positive thoughts and positive expectation, you can be a happy resident in that universe.”

When asked about that one practice that can make a huge difference to people’s lives,

Dr. Lingam says you can decide how your day goes!

“Decide at the beginning of each day that you will be totally happy that day. This is a commitment you make to yourself. You don’t know about tomorrow or any day after that, but today you can decide that you will be happy. So, no matter what happens that day, you will tell yourself that it’s for your best. It is a blessing in disguise. The best is yet to come. 

In fact, it is the best thing that could have happened to you. And, unless it is a life and death situation, register it but do not react, allow it to pass. Give it some time. Let it cool down. This way your mind does not go up and down. Whatever it is, it can wait. Go back to it later when your mind has digested it and look at it afresh.

If you do this successfully today, try it again tomorrow. If you manage to do this the second day, then try it again on the third day. Hopefully, you will continue to be successful every day and soon, happiness can become your habit while positivity becomes the only state that your mind knows.”

Dr. Lingam on Skincare products

“In the skin care industry, the importance of the ability of the product to actually penetrate the skin is still not very well understood. The average consumer is not even aware of the above concept but without being able to penetrate your skin, whatever product you may be using, it will not produce real results. It may produce superficial results. Some people like aggressive products that have lots of chemicals and lots of fragrance. I have no issue with that if that is what you want, but please be warned that you are allowing your skin to be subject to inflammation and irritation. In future posts and a new blog I am starting, I will begin to educate you all. So far, I had reserved this education only for estheticians and professionals. I will now open it up to everyone. Chime in if you like this idea!”

Dr. Lingam on inflammation

“Some people in the skin care industry think that can you just throw some popular ingredients together and create a great product. Lots of consumers make purchase decisions simply based on the ingredients listed on the product label. What people do not realize is that it is not enough for the individual ingredients to be safe or effective. The ultimate formulation has to be safe, effective and should not cause inflammation. For that, one needs to know the science of creating anti-inflammatory products. You cannot get that knowledge from reading stuff on the internet. It is gained through years of toiling in the lab and working with the top scientists and researchers in the world. All our products are anti-inflammatory. We need to get this knowledge and these products to reach more people around the globe. I am calling on all Hylunia fans to help spread the word. Help the world. Help humanity. Come be part of a movement for safe and effective skin care. It is the need of the hour.”

Dr. Lingam on Safety

“I am not interested in the short-term safety of our customers. We select ingredients that are known to be 100% safe and our customers will be always protected, not just long enough to meet requirements. At Hylunia customer SAFETY is our #1 priority!”

Dr. Lingam on sports massage

Athletes and people who do tough workouts are trying to get their bodies to perform for them. Coming from the east and having been educated in the west, I look at the body and mind as an integrated system and it needs to be addressed as such. With my knowledge and experience, I have developed a unique therapeutic sports massage, which if done regularly can help to keep your body and mind in balance and help you perform better. I want to help athletes and sports people achieve peak performance.

Dr. Lingam on Stress

Your primitive brain produces fight or flight hormone when you are in danger. When you are under stress, your brain thinks that you are in danger and starts converting all good hormones to stress hormones upsetting the homeostasis of your body. This in turn causes inflammation, tightening of muscles, pain as well as decrease in immune functions which results in “Free Radical” damage. If you do not address this stress, it becomes chronic and can lead to premature aging and sadness. Stress has also been linked to various diseases and depression.

An antidote to stress is relaxation. Regular periods of physical and mental relaxation can help the body to recover from the effects of stress and even build defenses against future stress. Three ways in which eastern societies, especially in India, have combated stress include Yoga, Massage and Meditation. Now modern science is proving what the east has always claimed.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, shows that participants who underwent massage twice a week experienced decreases in cortisol levels, increased oxytocin levels (also known as the “trust hormone”), and slight evidence of increased white blood cell counts. Further, a recent study from Harvard University and the University of Sienna found that the powers of meditation move beyond the cultivation of self-awareness, improvement of concentration and protection of the heart and immune system — it can actually alter the physiology of the human brain. Consistent practice can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in people who often need it most.

The Anti-Aging Research team at Hylunia led by Dr. Lingam has developed programs combining the stress reduction massages, mantra meditation and yoga to release the stress, renew the mind restore physical and mental balance. These therapies and programs tested over 25 years are custom designed for each person’s stress Index level and expectations and are offered at the Hylunia Wellness MD Spa, in Costa Mesa, Ca. Eastern wisdom, Western Science.

 Dr. Lingam on Sun Damage

Dr. Lingam says, “Most damage to your skin by sun exposure occurs in the summer. Also, the Santa Anna wind makes your skin dry and the fine lines deeper. The buildup of damaged and dead skin cells gives a dull look to your Face and body. Furthermore, repeated sun exposure and damage to your skin accumulates over the years and results in premature aging, age spots and potentially pre-cancerous cells.”

Dr. Lingam on skin care products and their manufacture

  • Just throwing in ingredients does not make a great product – what matters is the final result of different ingredients coming together
  • Inflammation is the enemy – choose your skin care products wisely
  • You can have products with organic ingredients that cause inflammation and you can have non-inflammatory products with ingredients that are not organic
  • Selecting the right ingredients and formulating products that are non-inflammatory is not common sense – IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE and Hylunia knows Rocket Science!

Dr. Lingam’s background

  • Dr. Lingam is a fellow and Director of Education and Board Certification for the American Academy of Medical Aesthetics (a non-profit educational and wellness certification organization).
  • Also, Dr. Lingam was trained in Naturopathy at the Complementary Medical Services in California as well as in Ayurveda in India.
  • Dr Lingam is board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association.
  • He has been trained in moxibustion and Wull Stone-far infrared Therapy by Korean Master Kim and the first person in the U.S to be certified in FIRE -Wull Stone therapy.
  • Dr. Lingam created the Hylunia Wellness MD Spa to demonstrate and teach the Hylunia philosophy in a practical way. The Hylunia spa is designed to be a place where people from all walks of life can come and learn what it means to be well, happy and fulfilled. With this goal in mind, Dr. Lingam has brought various eastern modalities combined with western science under one roof, right here in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Dr. Lingam has worked with hundreds of individuals who were looking for a higher and more sustainable level of happiness and wellness. These individuals vouch for Dr. Lingam’s methods and have transformed their lives by adopting the wellness lifestyle designed by him.