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“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” Lao Tzu

After facing many adverse circumstances in life successfully, Dr. Lingam recalls from his personal experience that happiness is how you look at things. But how you look at anything is a function of how well you’ve trained or rather not trained your mind.

Take, for instance, the classic glass of water example, where you can either see it as half full or half empty. The way you perceive your surroundings and your outlook towards them makes a huge impact on your wellbeing.

Being perpetually cheerful and happy, even in the most trying situations, is the mark of a master. People close to Dr. Lingam have seen this admirable quality in him shine through thick and thin circumstances. Be it personal relationships, business management or any other aspect of his life, he’s never given up on his positive attitude. According to him, being thankful to people is a very important practice of cultivating positivity. He’s even opened up to the public and shared his observations on the science of gratitude and how it helps people stay motivated. Of course, every now and then you may see his smile fade but the very next day, you’ll see him back in the driver’s seat, rearing to get to his next big milestone. At the ripe old age of 70, when most men would be enjoying the remainder of their days in a retirees’ paradise, Dr. Lingam is exuberantly executing 14-hour work days and does not show a single sign of stopping anytime soon.

Transforming negative thought patterns into positive and pleasant ideas is an art and everyone should learn it. We caught up with Dr. Lingam recently and asked him what keeps him going and how he manages to stay so positive and upbeat all the time. Here’s what he had to say –
“Everything goes back to the mind. And what happened to you during your childhood. Those childhood impressions, memories, situations and circumstances matter. All that childhood conditioning matters. You must find those things that trouble you and get rid of those things. If you cannot let go of the past, there cannot be a different future. Also, books and videotapes can only help you so much. The final and decisive battle must be fought by you. Whatever monsters you have in your mind, you must go in and face them. But the most important thing is to train your mind to convert every negative into a positive. No matter what the situation or the circumstance. You must be aware of what your mind is thinking all the time and never, never, never allow it to think negative thoughts. The minute you encounter a negative thought, turn it towards a positive thought. Tell your mind that whatever is happening, it’s happening for the good. Tell your mind that it is a blessing in disguise. Tell your mind that the best is yet to come. Tell your mind that it could have been a lot worse. Through gradual, repeated practice over time, your mind can become completely positive. You can create a positive happy universe for yourself in which only good things can happen to you. And, through this disciplined practice of positive relief, positive thoughts and positive expectation, you can be a happy resident in that universe.” 

When asked about that one practice that can make a huge difference to people’s lives,
Dr. Lingam said –

“Decide at the beginning of each day that you will be totally happy that day. This is a commitment you make to yourself. You don’t know about tomorrow or any day after that, but today you can decide that you will be happy. So, no matter what happens that day, you will tell yourself that it’s for your best. It is a blessing in disguise. The best is yet to come.In fact, it is the best thing that could have happened to you. And, unless it is a life and death situation, register it but do not react, allow it to pass. Give it some time. Let it cool down. This way your mind does not go up and down. Whatever it is, it can wait. Go back to it later when your mind has digested it and look at it afresh.If you do this successfully today, try it again tomorrow. If you manage to do this the second day, then try it again on the third day. Hopefully, you will continue to be successful every day and soon, happiness can become your habit while positivity becomes the only state that your mind knows.”

Etch these words in your memory and make it a routine to mindfully practice positivity every day. It is, after all, your own mind that you must conquer and Dr. Lingam wishes you all the best in your endeavor. Come practice the art of being mindful at our spa and spread some positivity among friends and family.

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