Dr. Lingam is a highly reputed rocket scientist, spiritual sage and an ingenious innovator.

How it all started

The year was 1987. A beautiful baby girl was born to a rocket scientist who came from a family of Ayurvedic doctors. Her doting parents found that their baby girl’s skin was reacting badly to the standard baby skin care products in the market. Dr. Lingam and his wife searched for something gentler, safer, and non-irritating in the stores and pharmacies but to no avail. Of course, Dr. Lingam was not discouraged. Not only did he come from an illustrious line of Ayurvedic specialists, he was also part of an esteemed group of scientists, physicians and research chemists. Dr. Lingam sought the help of his friend, Brian Jegasothy, MD who was a part of this inner circle (and formerly Chairman, Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh, USA). A research team headed by Dr. Jegasothy was soon formed to fulfill the quest for a skin care product that was non-irritating, non-inflammatory and gentle on a baby girl’s infant skin. This research team had a combined experience of over 200 years and consisted of accomplished dermatologists, scientists and physicians.

Dr. Lingam, Dr. Jegasothy and their team had a vision to develop an irritant free skin care line that would tap into Mother Nature’s own healing power to keep the skin safe, soft and radiant. This team, guided by Dr. Jegasothy’s scientific research knew something that most skin care lines did not seem to know or care about. Dr. Jegasothy had discovered the relationship between continuous inflammation, disease and aging.

Most of the benefit was psychological while causing severe physiological damage which could later show up in the form of deadly diseases. This discovery greatly alarmed Dr. Lingam and his team of scientists. The team was then inspired to form Hylunia Skin Care in 1988 to enable people of all ages and skin types to protect, preserve and pamper their skin with powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and plant peptides.

Dr. Lingam’s personal mission in life

To benefit humanity by providing people with the products, philosophy and tools to live better, safer and heal their lives.

On Dr. Lingam’s cheerful nature

Being perpetually cheerful and happy, even in the most trying situations, is the mark of a master. People close to Dr. Lingam have seen this admirable quality in him shine through thick and thin circumstances. Be it personal relationships, business management or any other aspect of his life, he’s never given up on his positive attitude.According to him, being thankful to people is a very important practice of cultivating positivity. He’s even opened up to the public and shared his observations on the science of gratitude and how it helps people stay motivated. Of course, every now and then you may see his smile fade but the very next day, you’ll see him back in the driver’s seat, rearing to get to his next big milestone. At the ripe old age of 70, when most men would be enjoying the remainder of their days in a retirees’ paradise, Dr. Lingam is exuberantly executing 14-hour work days and does not show a single sign of stopping anytime soon.

Dr. Lingam – just the teacher you need

Dr. Lingam has all the qualities of great teachers – a wealth of knowledge, tremendous patience, boundless enthusiasm to teach, a variety of creative teaching tools and a world of experience. Write to him if you have any questions and his answers could just be the thing to get your life back on track!